About Dale

I have done craftwork all my life, mostly tapestry, although I also spin, knit, crochet … I recently discovered a sampler I had knitted when I was 11. I had embroidered “Mother’s Day, 1958.” across the knitting. I was amazed at how neat the stitches were, and that I had fully punctuated the sentence. I wanted to hug that eleven-year-old girl and tell her how far she had come.

Mostly, I do my craftwork at night; telly can be boring. Of course, this means that it takes YEARS to complete large projects, but I don’t mind. I am running out of wall space. Which is why I have decided to put some of my works on the market. This way, others get to share in the joy, and it frees up more space for my next project.

I live in the beautiful bush around Maleny in Queensland. During the daytime, I write … but that’s another story.

This photo was taken on a big ‘-0’ birthday.

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